Fit in - drag along.

So, I alight at the station and try to walk through the crowd. I try but it is hard. People are in a hurry, yet they're not wise enough to position themselves. Slow general, incompetent walkers. The streets are full of them. I surely am one of them now and then. I almost bump into a guy who is happily waving an old yellow cloth next to his stand. I whisper a sorrrr..too late, i am already gone. I keep walking, it is exhausting. It is simple and so exhausting. Ahead, a bunch of teenagers can be heard shouting and laughing, bumping into each other with excitement. Their backpacks could probably leave a bruise on anyone's arm if one got hit with it. I am in the center of egoism and hurry. I finally catch the train. I finally alight at my final stop and like everyone else I go up the alley. I and, all the people going up that alley. Men in suits coming back from work, heading to their houses. We all look like cows being lead out of the pasture into the freestall barns. And, let's repeat it..tomorrow.


  1. sometimes I wonder what people think about that don't think about the absurdity of things like this in their life. I wonder if they are happier - I couldn't imagine being happier being less open minded about the philosophy in life. it's a complex thing to think about and I feel as if it's a vicious circle..

    1. I wonder if they do too. Some might, for a bit, we never know. Others don't for sure. But, I do. perhaps, it is due to lack of other important things to think about or I simply prioritize these (maybe useless) thoughts ha. x

  2. sounds bad, dear...
    this description reminded me of the miniseries "the 7.39", did you watch it?, it was on BBC one on New Year's I believe. With David Morrissey. A very beautiful love story which started on a situation like that one ;)

  3. I love all your posts.


  4. i find it cool that you write more here nowadays :)

  5. I notice that I am special in seeing your replies. I hope going backwards in time is not confusing, that I still want to see what you've to say. xxox