I amsterdam


These are a bunch of pictures I took during my short trip to Amsterdam. It was my second visit and again in December. For some unknown reason I have been going to Amsterdam around winter time and it leaves me wanting to explore it during summer time. Sadly, as well there was no snow awhile I was there but rain. I normally visit the places tourists go but it seems like the whole city centre is touristy. One of the places I have been this time that I'd recommend going is the torture museum ( that is if you are into that kind of darker vibe) I found it very interesting and gets you thinking about how things have changed (luckily.) Another cool place to visit would be Ripley's Believe It or Not! it is full of curiosities and there is a cafe on the top of the building with a little bit of a view.
Besides, just by walking around the streets and peeking through shop windows you may find interesting things to see and shop. The building of American Hotel was one of my favourites. It just reminded me of something out of a Stephen King's film. Favourite and traditional food to have is the fries. They are usually served in a paper cone and slathered in sauces. I really like their mayo and I have always enjoyed eating fries with mayo so I had to bring some of it home. Last words: Amsterdam has no patience for silly pedestrians. Pay attention as you walk and be smart. I like that.

Tomato jam and figs

For some writing if anyone is interested I spend most of time in this semi-anonymous corner: http://dearbandini.tumblr.com/

To the moon and back

It has been while ever since I posted something here. I think it is a natural process in life, changing. I never really liked changes but I could never get away from them even though I tried. Changes happen whether we like it or not and it is how it is meant to be! because it is good! I am not sure I see this blog world' as I used to in the past but I have always liked diaries and I guess that will never change. If life is a journey I want to document it. The nice things in it, the bad, the silly and the moon.

I am not back at anything I am simply letting my mind drift through life without time or schedule.

 I am now posting videos. Trying a new format is fun, more liberating. If you are curious <3 a="">

Picasso, Sun and Salt.

I think 2016 was one of the quickest years in the history. For some reason, I felt like it was all a loop and someday I woke up and seven months have gone by in a heartbeat. There were lots of changes and nice adventures. Although, good moments were marked in my memory I couldn't help but notice how I have changed too. Life is weird and my cat is getting old but I am still here and even though sometimes I don't want to be here, I keep going through these nice and bad moments life brings to us all. I will finish this post with some ( or lots) of pictures from Barcelona, a place I already miss dearly.


It is been such a long time since I last posted something here. A lot has changed and in the end, I think for better. I've been anxiously waiting for summer and spring. This is why I have been embroidering a lot of flowers lately.