Tomato jam and figs

For some writing if anyone is interested I spend most of time in this semi-anonymous corner:

To the moon and back

It has been while ever since I posted something here. I think it is a natural process in life, changing. I never really liked changes but I could never get away from them even though I tried. Changes happen whether we like it or not and it is how it is meant to be! because it is good! I am not sure I see this blog world' as I used to in the past but I have always liked diaries and I guess that will never change. If life is a journey I want to document it. The nice things in it, the bad, the silly and the moon.

I am not back at anything I am simply letting my mind drift through life without time or schedule.

 I am now posting videos. Trying a new format is fun, more liberating. If you are curious <3 a="">

Picasso, Sun and Salt.

I think 2016 was one of the quickest years in the history. For some reason, I felt like it was all a loop and someday I woke up and seven months have gone by in a heartbeat. There were lots of changes and nice adventures. Although, good moments were marked in my memory I couldn't help but notice how I have changed too. Life is weird and my cat is getting old but I am still here and even though sometimes I don't want to be here, I keep going through these nice and bad moments life brings to us all. I will finish this post with some ( or lots) of pictures from Barcelona, a place I already miss dearly.


It is been such a long time since I last posted something here. A lot has changed and in the end, I think for better. I've been anxiously waiting for summer and spring. This is why I have been embroidering a lot of flowers lately.
The day was remarkable due to sensations I have never felt before. It is when one has complete control over its mind (which you gotta admit it’s something rare) That’s how it happened. I projected my mind to enjoy, enjoy every single aspect of the day. I was surprised to think that maybe people manage do this everyday, resulting in happy people. These happy, confident people you think you see now and then. Nevermind, what I mean is I wasn’t myself. I disliked every thing about the place, people, music, conversations around me yet I loved it all. I loved it because it was all amusingly different. I began to think freely and enjoy all that I hated it. I acquaintance myself to a new me. A ‘me’ that enjoyed all that was around me. Occasionally, I would catch myself in a spontaneous laugh or remark and wonder if I’d cringe later in bed that night for the actions and words I have expressed. But no, the new me loudly said. Enjoy it, fool, free yourself.