I guess I have never posted anything that inspires me, apart from films of course. So I thought I would post little things that are currently inspiring me, or things that I must add to my 'things I must get' list. Therefore here is my top 5 list.

1st. A Melodica, I don't if it is a hard instrument to play, I think it isn't. And simply love the way it looks and sounds. I would like a yellow or blue one.

2sc. I adore this ukulele, such a lovely shape. I've got an obsession for ukuleles, so I would like to have a red one as well. To be honest I wouldn't mind having a whole collection of them.

3th. Such a pretty instrument, oh I really want it. I wish I could play it as well.
Although I'm not a Taylor Swift fan. I kinda like her 'Mean' song and the banjo she plays.

4th. I would drink this at this very moment, without the fork & knife though.

5th. I love frames. I've recently started collecting and I'm in a hunt for oval ones. I guess they are bit more hard to find. But they are the loveliest in my opinion.

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  1. lovely, I wouldn't mind a milkshake

  2. I always look forward to your blog every day. I think you have lovely photos. :)

  3. The photos are really gorgeous.

  4. These photos are lovely, good list.

  5. Nice frames are such a good reason to actually hang up pictures.
    I'm gonna start collecting too, thanks for inspo!