hello do you remember me, I am your long lost pen pal.

Dear lovely pen pals. So I have received your letters and it is so amazingly nice.
I've written reply letters that I'll be sending it to you tomorrow. Letters from Amanda, Myrte the postcard from Lydia. Remember if you want to be a pen pal just send me a email at stefanyalves@live.com


  1. it's so lovely to have a pen pal:)) beautiful pics.)

  2. Wow you have such lovely pen pals! I'd love to write to you too except I'm terrible at replying promptly :(


  3. I'm not sure if you got my email or not, but I would love to be pen pals :)
    My email is swrightbasketball@hotmail.com if you want to exchange addresses.

  4. love the new banner! and this post as well!

  5. Hej! Jag skulle vara jättetacksam om du fyllde i denna enkät för fotointresserade! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TPPFFFV
    Det är för en skoluppsats :)

  6. I don't if you got my email ! I'd love us to be pen pals !
    If you wanna switch adresses, my email is lovely_chiinetowk@hotmail.fr !
    Gros bisous !