Parcel Force sucks.

The days are getting better. It has been sunny lately and despite the wind it isn't so cold. Regarding the title, I just had to write down my dissatisfaction with Parcel Force. I had never ever had a good experience with them. Whenever, someone sent me an item through Parcel Force, I'd have complications, maybe I should tell them prior 'Please, don't send me stuff through Parcel Force'. Terrible service.


  1. Hey there! Like yourself, I am a blogger and photographer as well. And I just recently discovered your blog in bloglovin' and I just instantly loved it! You are an amazing photographer and you are so talented! I consider you as one of my inspirations in the online world! I hope one day I get as good as you as well.
    And because of this, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Everything you need to know about the said award is written on my blog; the rules, etc. Hope you could do it because that would really mean so much to me!
    Here's the link to my blog post that you were nominated in:
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    Thank you for reading this and I really hope that you could do the post as well!


  2. I love your rain jacket!!!

  3. I came across these pictures on tumblr the other day! I love your blog and pictures so much ♥

  4. that coat is heaven. where is it from if I may ask?

  5. Beautiful photographs (as always!) I wish I could sometimes jump right into your shots. I wholeheartedly agree with you on Parcel Force. I like to call them Parcel Farce. [:

    1. Thank you! :) and yes calling them Parcel Farce from now on hah x

  6. I love your photography! xx

  7. Ditto. I love this raincoat, where is it from?