Leftovers lll

©Stefany Alves


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    1. Yes, except for the first one which is in Louvre. xx

  2. Indeed it will be a plausible endeavour, but alas it will be a master bedroom; :3
    Lovely smile love :) delicate as a flower upon the wall, when every way more valuable and meaningful I see, but indeed much so important as the mirror reflects greater beauty, thine personality. Grace, open minded and tastefully psychotic harmoniously;
    oh, where do you eventually invest a visit? hmm;
    such a eventful river. those people truly know how to event it. fun indeed;
    beyond that postcard I see a world that hopes they receive another's investment in two complementing photographs of beauty, with return, dimples; :-3
    shadowing a wallflower, also, reading. with too many lights. Shall we critique transparently?;
    that little puddle has water in it; :) xxox

  3. beautiful photographs. very Parisian!



  4. i miss Paris so much
    was there this October

  5. went online to research something, noticed your page was still open, forgot what I needed to find out. xxox