I want to use the typewriter but it makes such a noise in this empty room.

I can't believe it is 03:12 in the morning and I am still up. I was typing some letters. But the typewriter noise is not so good in this quiet night. So I stopped it, I might go to bed as I gotta wake up early tomorrow. Although I've got the day off tomorrow, I want to get up early to enjoy it with my sister as she is leaving tomorrow evening and will be back only by the end of January. So tomorrow is picture day, I plan to take outfit pictures, it is been while since I last took some, the weather outside simply discourages me, cloudy and no sunshine, saying hello to seasonal depression.

The glasses, oh I how I love these glasses, cat lover, it is from http://www.proopticals.com . It is worth checking the website, there are so many more nice styles and a variety of colours. I'm actually short sighted, and when I put my glasses on everybody looks ugly to me. I wonder why, ( I also look ugly when I see myself in the mirror, well actually without too haha). Anyway I will go to sleep now, the few hours Ive got left tonight. Good Night x