When the sun don't shine.

I stare at the cloudy sky.

I feel tired, it seems that doesn't matter how early I wake up, time won't be enough. It goes by so bloody fast and it makes me tired. I tell you something city life is not good as it seems, especially when are getting older and have no much enthusiasm. Oh I know I am not old at all. However, I'm really enthusiastic to lay down on bed. x


  1. ;_______; You are so gorgeous.
    And yes, every time I think about how much of a dream it would be to live in New York or any other upscale city (is there any other?), I remember how used I am to everything being mellow and just sitting back and staring fixedly at sunsets and just sitting like a lazy bum on the grass, doing nothing.

    Nevertheless, I still dream!

  2. how do you take such wonderful pictures?
    you should do a tutorial, please.

  3. nice fotos and awesome outfits!

  4. I love these pictures. Similarly find myself enthusiastic about only sleep at the moment.