I don't love anyone, but you are not listening.

I annoy myself sometimes, like my mind gets so messed up that I have to do lists for everything. I somehow think it will get me organized. Therefore I am doing one for tomorrow and I hate how I start it by obvious things such as ' Wake up at 7:00am, get up at 8:00am then have breakfast'. I thought about adding 'brush my teeth, dress up', but it is too much details. Anyway tomorrow I'm leaving this town and I ain't coming back. I am actually. Btw the second picture is a book by Stephen Shore that once got from my college library and had to pay five pounds fine, because I always forget to hand books back at the required date. It's a really nice book.


  1. Leaving your town and never coming back?
    Where are you going? :)
    http://clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  2. Hi Stefany, Those photos are really great. I have followed you for years and you're still amazing. (I also really like the videos).
    Love, Sara

  3. Wow, amazing pictures <3 Lindas, como sempre... x

  4. the photos are so beautiful.
    and i sometimes annoy myself and forget returning books too. haha

  5. this is very much like me. i'm always making lists to clear my head and just keep everything organized and stress-free. nothing is really stress-free for me, but lists do ease things. i'm also guilty of turning in books late at the library, haha! :)

  6. i love your Blog!