For your birthday she sent you a card she didn't sign her name she gave an autograph

Happy birthday to Mellody

Today is my sister's birthday and it seems like it is also a day devoted to eating. It is what we have done the whole day (not literally of course). I made her 'English breakfast' (kinda of, I wish there was toast). Then after great fun around the town, we went for a picnic in Hampstead Heath Park, including tuna sandwich, garden salad, chips and delicious macaroons accompanied by a cup of latte. It is funny how I have been into eating these days, a few months ago I couldn't think of any food that would rise my appetite.


  1. beautiful pictures :)
    where did u buy those macarons you ate???
    and do u have any tips for cool restaurants in london? also some breakfast places? would be awesome if u could help me :DDDD
    best wishes from germany

  2. Love the new banner and the photos are gorgeous. Happy birthday to her!

  3. Lovely photos! Happy birthday to your sister!!


  4. wow, your blog is amazingly beautiful!

  5. Your sister looks a bit sad on her birthday.. but very beautiful !
    Happy Birthday !

  6. I love this photoset, especially the first one!
    Happy birthday Mellody!

  7. Hello! I am looking for the source of the second picture in this post, and you seem like the most likely one so far. Is it yours?
    - Sofie

    1. It is mine, all pictures and text content in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.