My late night post

Tired body but awake mind, keeping me from falling asleep.´Whatever, this is going to be my last post this week. Hopefully I will be partying the whole weekend. I was planning even to get a bit drunk. The thing is I am not a funny drunk, I get sleepy. Although it depends a lot, beer makes me sleep, wine makes me laugh. I have no idea why but each arise such reactions on myself. Besides eating, reading, watching tv, feeding my cats, being anti-social and going shopping every day, I discovered how much public transportation is annoying and how I lack patience these days.

See you, metaphorically.


  1. public transportation annoys me too.

  2. love photos, hope you have a good weekend x

  3. funny to see murakamis books in another format than the swedish ones. I do like the swedish covers more though!

    Kafka on the shore is really great, well all his books are.

    Beautiful photos as well!

  4. I totally love your blog, you may also like this:
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  5. Your blog has some real cool photos.

  6. WAAAAA!!
    Haruki Murakami books!
    It's my favourite writter♥

  7. I love the white shirt, the detailing is beautiful. Such a great blog, definitely following! follow me?


  8. food looks delicious.especially the first one.
    and i like murakami as well. one of my most favorite authors.

  9. love marukami, awesome books.
    your photos inspirational as always.