a sunday smile.

sometimes I feel like writing a lot, but only sometimes!

white coffee with cream and a history book

It is weird but I love the smell of these pages.

an old photograph of my mother.

a book I started reading but did not finish yet. film rolls to get developed, negs,.

primark shoes and thrifted dress. (camera AF minolta panorama)

I had these photos on my desktop and decided to post them. *the leather journal is from camden market.

Today'song: I Sing I swim - Seabear


  1. that journal is incredible, and has so much character ! have a wonderful day.

  2. love the journal ever so much
    beautiful post as always


  3. The dress looks really cute :) And it's not weird to like the smell of a book, I have that as well sometimes ;p

  4. These photos are just brilliant. ♥

  5. What do you write about then? Sometimes I feel like writing a lot as well, but sometimes totally not. And I love these pictures and your blog, it's like I'm sitting in a cafe, drinking hot chocolate and I'm looking at you, looking at what you're doing, how your life is like. Lovely.

  6. I've got the same kind od diary, bought in Cobent Garden. All my French friends LOVE this diary!!!!!!!

  7. oh my god I love your diary, it's amazingly beautiful, wish I had one just like it!