bienvenida mi a suerte, bienvenida a la muerte por la Panamericana

I'm in the mood for songs in spanish. x


  1. I like the all this songs they are kind of oldies but they are great! good choice!

  2. ooh! I love Juanes' songs! listen his new song! it's called "Y no regresas" I love it!

    sorry my english D:

  3. I love Aventura, there's a song called Romeo&Julieta that I totally lovee!
    on the other side CAFE TACUBA is awesome ( Well... I really liike them, there's a song called Eres & is very beautiful. I think is the kind of song that U dedicate to someone that U really love :P

    pd. Another thing that I love it too is your blog & your style!

  4. I love Spanish music! Juanes is my favorite, and I just recently started listening to Manu Chao. I'll have to check out some of the others since I'm always looking to expand my Spanish music collection.

  5. woooo this music is from my country, Greetings