Fear of trains

picture from a couple of weeks ago (jacket + top h&m, jeans primark).
I never felt so cold as I did yesterday! I went to an amusement park yesterday evening and I wore skinny jeans,gloves, docs and two sweaters + coat. On my way back home I couldn't get the train because the line was closed, so I went to the bus stop and waited so so long, hoping that a taxi would come but none did and in the mean time I was dying, it reminded of a film I watched before yesterday haha its called 'Frozen' check it out. Anyway after one hour the bus finally came and I started to feel my tiptoes again.


  1. this outfit is very nice and laidback. i love the whole look!!

    is frozen the movie where the people are stuck on the ski lift? haha

  2. Experienced the same thing last sunday morning. Pulled an all nighter and had to wait for the bus in the freezing cold, then off course the bus drove straight past me and I had to phone my dad to come get me. Couldn't feel anything. Tea and blankets made me feel my limbs again. :)

  3. love it! the sweater is awesome!

  4. in case no one has reminded you today- youre so beautiful <3