when you said the veins in my left hand were shaped like a tree

Hi, that's how I looked yesterday, I went to my cousin's house for a get together I was
wearing my dress as a top, which had been locked in my wardrobe for a long time,
it's funny.. one day I was walkin down oxford street and a guy asked me to get a picture of it..
by the way it's from topshop and the jacket is from a thrift store


  1. Great look..I also love your hair color have you done something to it!

  2. I love the hat!



  3. are you brazilian? it's sweet to see that you know los hermanos, if you don't searched for all the songs i beg you to do this, it's my favorite band of all time... i've been watching you for a long time (stalker hahaha) but only felt moved to comment after your post of brazillian music, i'm from brazil, feel free to talk anytime.
    do you speak portuguese?

  4. jordana: sim, nasci em londrina :) x