I dont wanna say good bye for the summer

I pretty much hate my hair haha, and its split ends, I just want it to grow..

I'm still sick, so I've been just resting at home, watching films, having lattes and toast with honey. Today I watched the film
'Jennifer's body', and went to shepherds bush with my sister.


  1. haha i have the same, split ends suck and my hair does too. but to be honest, I actually love your hair so I don't think you should complain, hahaa.
    do you actually live in the centre of london or close to it, or like an hour away of it?
    london is lovely, i've been there a couple of times and i want to live there, so badly!
    x tess

  2. Waah JENNYFER'S BODY was very critisized but it's actually pretty cool. And the kiss with Megan and Amanda ♥

  3. stefani has gorgeous hair. i like the maps on the walls :)

  4. Just want to say that your blog is amazing. every little piece of it. ispiration times a hundred! my absolute favourite blog i think.. and you're so gorgeous. don't stop! lots of love.

  5. I think jennifers body is kinda nuts.
    But i like sómething about that movie

  6. tesaar: thank you :) I live in north west london
    is like 30 min by bus to get to the downtown x

  7. i hope you'll get well soon :)

    did you like the film ?

  8. francis Laura: thanks :)
    I actually did hah

  9. i adore these photos ♥ your blog is lovely!
    i though jennifer's body was quite funny (:


  10. I love your blog! Especially the photo's you put on your blog. Do you use a vintage camera or something? How do you get the colours in your photos to look like that? It's very inspiring stuff!