London 07 August 2010

Bonne nuit, 00:14 now I don't know why I always post at this time after midnight I like to get online at night rather than during the day even when im home with nothing else to do, I guess I'm a night person. I just took a shower and I'm getting my hair dry. Today I went out with my sister, I bought some cheap garments I can show them later & a received a package with some stuff I can post about it too. I also bought a book that I am excited to start reading but I have a problem with books, I love starting to read new books but i never finish them haha, all of the books i have in my shelf are all marked in the middle pages.. that's not good but I promised myself I will finish this one..



  1. the man from the tv is very funny!
    I'm a night person too, i'm always online at night...
    Hope you finish the book! haha

  2. your photos never fail to inspire me.

  3. haha, i 'love' Jô Soares (:
    kisses, from Brasil.

  4. love the 1st photo - very bridgitte bardot! xx

  5. I love it! Your photos are great..I found it good to be a night person..My inspiration always comes at night, and during my dream, so I guess its not a bad things