I've been away and I had a problem with my laptop, I fixed it today but I lost all of my personal files and the most valuable things for me ' my pictures' :/ yeah I'm sad... and I did not save my pictures into a usb or whatever, anyway it's done all I gotta do now is take new ones. Above is a few from saturday. I went to the brazilian day event which took place at O2 arena. I didn't really like it, I mean although I'm brazilian I dont enjoy their music their dance and especially the 'way' they dance haha a bit ugly and vulgar haha. Anyway eating brazilian food was the good part of it.


  1. great pics!!!

  2. well at least you enjoyed your food! too bad to hear about that bad news :( it's sad when that happens

  3. You are wrong about our music and our dance. You see, Brasil is a really big country and we have a lot of different kinds of music. Try to listening Mutantes, Tom Zé, Los Hermanos, Elis Regina! I mean, I love british rock, but I'm pretty sure that you have some bands and singers in your country that you feel ashamed of.
    Anyway, Brasil has much more culture than these festivals are able to display. C ome here that the Brazilian people will show you, I assure you.

    I love your blog.
    Sorry for my bad english, haha
    From Brasil,

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your all your pictures getting lost ):
    I love the outfit you're wearing btw!

  5. Hey Anonymous.. haha! :)
    Eu nasci no Brasil, entao eu sei oque tem de
    bom, eu me refiro a funk tipo bonde do tigrao haha, no qual nao gosto, mais realmente temos musica boa...

  6. i'm sorry for your pictures, once it happened the same to me and i could have them again, a man fix it, so maybe you'll fix it too! I hope so
    Although these pictures are nice!

  7. i´m very sorry for you...i would cry if that happen to me!

  8. Oh, me desculpe.
    Agora que li direito, vi que você fala que é brasileira. Mas eu sou lerda, haha.
    Sim, bonde do tigrão não existe mais, mas entendo do que você está falando. Só é chato que fiquem vendendo no exterior a imagem de que só temos isso e todas as brasileiras dançam até o chão. hahaha

    e sinto muito por ter perdido suas fotos também. :)