(ISO 800).
Okay, I once said I would post 'Photography Tips' as some of you asked me to do so. Actually I'm not a professional photographer yet, I still have a lot to learn but I will share with you about how I set up and take my photographs. First of all most of my photographs are instinctual, they are simply snapshots but some of them are made from ideas I have. The most important point to get a good picture is lighting so I always try to choose a bright location, very well lighted with natural sun light, therefore when it's cloudy it's a bit hard to get a really good photo. Although they are exceptions; the location helps a lot even if it's cloudy and a good camera is also a plus, even if it is digital or film. I use a digital pentax k100 dsuper is not a bad camera but it's not excelent I broke the flash so I can't take photos at night, because the quality will be a bit poor but still is a nice camera. I need a new camera but I dont know which one I should buy . I also use a slr vivitar v3000 without flash it's also a good camera and it can take nice pictures but only in day light. I also have a fujifilm instax 100, polaroid onestep and a instamatic kodak 233 I'm not using them at the moment cause I have to buy a film roll for each. When I use a digital camera I edit the pictures on 'photoscape' it's a photoshop program which you can download for free ,just google it. I usually just play with contrast, saturation, fade in, tones, colours..!Sometimes I add 'rainbows' and other effects. What I do is simple, I just fade a picture into another, just take a picture of something you want.. flowers, rainbows etc and fade it into the picture you want to edit..! But I guess the main thing to get a good or perfect photograph is by taking a lot of pictures, carrying your camera everywhere you go when you see a good scenery you will be able to get a nice picture. Combining light, model, location you can get a great photograph.


  1. nice post! love the photo

  2. thanks for the tips, it helped a lot!:) xx

  3. I loved the tips and your photos are very good ... It makes a quick visit to my blog ... Only you will be kind of hard to understand, because I'm Brazilian ... But seen it, I'm not good in English but to reading your blog and I loved it!
    Kisses, Deborah