portrait 2010, © Stefany Alves

It's 01:22 now and I'm not worried about going to bed late, I think it's because I'm on holiday and I can get up any time I want tomorrow, but I and my sister decided to set up a goal, which is going up to the park every afternoon to run, do abdominal exercises and eat healthy ha ha, I've never done that before so I know it's not going to be easy at the beginning but let's see how it's gonna be, ain't no big deal anyway. We gonna start tomorrow without delay, we promised ourselves. You might think I'm doing this because I want to get thin or super skinny, but it actually because I'm having a sedentary lifestyle and I know it's not good for my health, all of these things are important, it's gonna result in a better life, but I also surely want to get a bit thin ha ha.ANSWERS+QUESTIONS. Here are some answers for the questions I received. How do you see the world? I see it in every different way, it depends on my mood actually, sometimes only see the pretty things and life become so beautiful to me, but sometimes I see only the negative things and then the world looks ugly, but I try to see it in a positive way, because no matter how bad your life is, it's so good to be alive. how do stay fit? do you do
a lot of sports?
I mean you have a great body. Thanks very much although my post it's about it, I don't think I'm fit though. Do you know a photographer Nirri( What do you think about? Who is your favourite photographer? I have never seen this blog before the photos look great though, there's a lot but I'm gonna say Andre Kertesz. Who is your bestfriend and why? my really really bestfriend is my mother and sister the only ones I know I can trust. what are you doing when you are desperate and nothing works as you want it? at first I get mad but then I try to chill out.


  1. Oh... my lifestyle is not good too....I'm having a sedentary lifestyle too...I want to wake up early and do some exercises but I never take action....

  2. you dont need to be any thinner silly :P id kill for a body like yours! asif you do no exercise, you have a more toned stomach than me, lucky :P

  3. good luck on your excercise goal!! :) it is important to try to make some excercise, we all have such a sedentary life...
    take care!

  4. such a cute picture! i really hate to exercise (as much as I know how good it is for me) but i know that eating right can make already make huge difference. but you seem determined so you won't have a problem! have fun!