Buenas noches, es un poco tarde y pronto me iré a la cama, pero final de la copa del mundo y la España
ganó, así que decidí escribir un post en español pero no hablo español con fluidez lo poco que yo sé se
debe a mi abuelo que era un español que murió en espera del una victoria del España, más en el otro
lado celebró las de Brazil.

The World Cup finished and Spain won I'm happy with that, during this cup I've been supporting many teams
haha actually I support brazil because I was born there but I also support England because I live in London
and as I'm part spanish I support Spain, but as Brazil is located in South America I felt like supporting Uruguay
, Paraguay and even Argentina haha, oh and I did support Mexico too. Anyway I'm happy with the victory, and
now just have to wait four years, and the cup will be in Brazil and I'm definetely going to be there. ( I hope so) aha.


  1. loooooooooooool i did the same
    since the first of the month i said am going to support italy , spain , brazil , argentina . am happy that it end up with one of them
    the next world cup wil be in brazil i hope they win

  2. i'm happy for spain too...for no particular reason realy :P

  3. Hahaha. Your blog post is really sweet :) It made me laugh. So many teams!
    I supported Spain. I'm also suuuper happy that they won. I also supported England, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, and Argentina :S Hahaha. I hope to be there too! Can't wait already.

  4. I dident see anything of VM. Sweden dident make it and even if they had I wouldent have watched it ;D

  5. graaacias, por escribir un post en español:D
    ya nos tocaba ganar alguna vez!

  6. Beautiful picture :)


  8. Ay!ay! hablas muy bien español:)!
    saludines de Tenerife!

  9. Wow!.. Cuando vi tu post en español, me sorprendí!
    Bien hecho! ;)
    Yo también vi el final de la copa, somos campeones! :)

  10. It's so cool you will be Brazil, which state were you born?

  11. i supported england as well, but unfortunetly they didn't made it far :(
    nice picture :D

  12. You're so lucky to have been born in Brazil. Thats so cool :)

  13. I knew you were brazilian! because your surname is the same as the football player Dani Alves! You speak spanish quite well, i'm glad you wrote this post in spanish because i really like your blog and you are really stylish ( sorry for my english :S )
    besos desde España :)

  14. since i was born in Argentina, YES! :D Too bad they lost. I was sure they'd would make it, but a bad game, you could tell they were pretty off their mojo :/

  15. VIVA ESPAÑA!!! jajaja you finally wrote something in spanish :) i'm glad cause i really like your blog, you rock!!
    I'm so happy about the worldcup!
    Besos desde España!!!