Out there

(top from primark, pants + bag h&m, sunglasses from superdrug,mom's watch.)
I'm so stupid! I was trying to get the film roll out of my srl camera just by rewinding it, but I accidentaly opened the back of the camera and then GOODBYE pictures, just 3 came out! :/ ahhaa, but now I got a new film and I won't make the same mistake again. Today I went to oxford street then came back home with a box of chinese food yummy, I watched the film ' Babysitter Wanted' It's good actually I liked it. Now I go off to bed or maybe I might stay a little longer...

ps: I will answer formspring now, if you have any questions there you go


  1. this look is proper amazing, the photos are crazy beautiful! love to do an illustration of you.

  2. I love your pants! its so unique


  3. I love the watch and the glasses! And you look great! :)

  4. i love that lace top you wear and the way you combine it:)

  5. I love your watch!! :)

    omg too bad you opened the camera with the film still loaded!!

  6. Shame about the camera, love the classic lace paired with the trousers, very classy. Also I just love the big face watch, I'm on the hunt to find one of my own. X