French navy

pink watch from claires, feather hairband from primark
Oh half term is coming to an end and on monday I gotta go back to college, how bad is that? ok less drama college is good only for ' learning' at least in my case. I spent my whole day singing and tidying up the house as I was alone in my house the whole day and I love that, my mother just went to Portugal, but at night my sister and my father will be home, that's good once I can't sleep alone in a house anyways here I'm right now smelling what my father's cooking until I have no guts to go to take a shower I read my book and listen to camera obscura. x


  1. the first that came to my mind is Phoebe's song "Smelly cat" from the beginning of "Friends" :)

  2. what are you reading?
    your photos are AMAZING :) i wish i could afford a good camera.
    i really like your pink watch and your hair in a bun :)

  3. i love the pictures!!. i just cant figure out how u can do photos that are looking so old :)

  4. where did you get that amazing watch?