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Are you vegan?
Haha,once I said I would become vegan, that was because I was sick of meat and
I watched the film 'Fast Food Nation'; but well I couldn't control myself I love fast
food (fried chicken, hamburgers etc) but I admire vegetarians and I think they
might last longer, once eating meat very often isn't really good.
Are you swedish? What is your nationality?
No I'm not I'm sorry about confusing you guys but I never said I was swedish I used
to blog at, because I had a swedish friend called Amanda and she created
the blog for me a time ago, so I just used to blog there, but I was born in Brazil
although I live in London, and as I answered once I've got italian,spanish and
portuguese nationality.
What cameras do you have and how do you edit your photos?
That's the most asked question I receive, I usually shoot with a digital pentax k100
dsuper for fashion pictures but for my photography (flickr photos) I also use film
(vivitar v3000), I edit most of them on photoscape, nothing special though
just adjustment of saturation, brightness, contrast etc.
what are your pet peeves?
- People who take forever to order food while I'm in line,opening the DVD case and
it is empty or a different movie is in it, people who whistle when they are happy, slow
people walking in front of me, People immitating babies voice or emitting annoying
unnecessary noises (especially in the morning) people trying to sing along with the
music when they don't actually know the words, people who stick their used gum
just about anywhere (disgusting), dried toothpaste in the sink (disgusting).
Favourite songs?
Aberfeldy - Hypnotised, All Girl Summer Fun Band – Canadian boyfriend
Ryan Adams – Come pick me up, The Apples in Stereo - Energy Ben Lee
-Love Me Like The World Is Ending, Meagham Smith- here comes your man
Bishop Allen – Dimmer, True Or False, Click, Click, Click, Click ,The Boy Least
Likely To – be gentle with me, Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
Coconut Records - West Coast",Chairlift - Bruises ,Brandi Carlile – Closer to you .


  1. haha i kinda like your pet peeves lol
    especially 'slow people walking in front of me', i don't like them either

  2. Hello!
    I'm David. I'm spanish and i'm 16 years old.
    I have seen you in lookbook, and i love your style, outfis, photos, personality,..
    I follow you!;)
    excuse me, for my english!

  3. why are you living in london?
    when have you moved?