Pretty you

1+ Denim from primark, top from h&m, 2+ shoes from h&m.
Everytime I see denim jackets I feel attracted to get them, but later on I regret I don't know what happens haha, I actually wear than only once and get sick of it, I don't understand myself, but I bought a new one haha, I show it soon, if I still find it on my wardrobe.


  1. I can't find the perfect denim shirt...I tried to look for it in second hand shop, but I bought too big one and I look funny, hah.
    When did you buy those shoes? Are they from new collection? I'm in love with them ♥

  2. haha, yeah denim is good but a bit problematic.
    No its from old collection I think, its from h&m

  3. that's a pity, anyway, they are great.