Feather earring from claire's.
I think I might be allergic to earrings. I have two holes in my ears but I can't wear them. I do though. I think I might also be allergic to perfume. I usually sneeze when I sniff it. I usually sneeze after I apply mascara which can be rather annoying.


  1. That earring thing is really bad my ears were always irritated when I wore fantasy jewerly, it even got so bad that I had to stop wearing earrings for a year, and the doctor had to made me new ones on my hurting holes :( Its too bad you seem cursed with beauty products because they are so tempting :/

  2. Yeah, doesnt it? how bad is that :/
    I dont wear earings anymore, I do wear lots of
    rings instead :) ahha

  3. I heard a lot of people are allergic to earrings, but not if they are gold. As if gold is the metal that doesn't irritate ears, and then people who can wear anything are just lucky haha. Hope that helps :)

  4. Its true gold earrings really help..Thats still cool though stefany as rings are really nice ;)