Os perreco vem, os perreco vão, as vadia quer, mas nunca vão subir

I can't write here anymore. It feels like everytime I try I simply blank, don't know what it is. Maybe I don't feel so open here any more or I haven't been able to convert my thoughts into words or I simply think everything I could say isn't so important like....ooh today was a great day I did that and that.......ah. - I haven't been talking just thinking lately and I honestly don't know what is worse.


  1. Stefanny until when you don't know what to speak, you are cool, then continue writing your "puerility" and photographing, we love!

    xoxo by Graziela.

  2. i think your pictures talk for themselves, so very beautiful.

  3. You don't even need to post words. Your photos are beautiful enough.

  4. your pictures talk for you.
    sometimes just thinking can oppress one's mind,but sometimes it´s necessary,like when you want is to stay home,away from the world*

  5. I just found this site and I truly love it. Your photography is beautiful. Love the personal style.

  6. Cheer up girl! It's alright :)


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  8. I know what you mean. I think I let my photos do the talking (or is that just an excuse? haha) That and also because blogs are a public arena and for me it's difficult to be so open in such a space.
    Nevertheless, these are beautiful photos. I'd love to live in the UK one day.

  9. pleeeease do a tutorial of how you edit your photos! :)

  10. Please don't give upon this blog. I look forward to your posts!!

  11. I wish I had a boat that I could use; xxox

  12. your blog is one of my favourites. but everyone has some melancholic phases. i love your pictures. you are such an inspiring person. if you don't know what to write, don't worry. your photos tell so much.

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