Paper tigeeeeer

My mother braided my hair yesterday.

I feel so ill today. I got up around 03:00 pm therefore I dont feel sleepy right now.
I feel so weak and headache is killing me. I can barely type this text haha. I am being a bit dramatic now but I hope I will get better soon. Today my day was a bit depressing to be honest. I spend my whole day in bed. Lately I have been sad due to the fact that there is no sunlight in this city. Everyday is the same.. grey, cloudy and cold. I NEED SUNLIGHT. Anyway I'm listening to Sue Thompson greatest hits than later I might try to get some sleep and hopefully I will wake up feeling good.

ps: I've been posting stuff on tumblr so if you want to check it out and follow me :D haha please do it.


  1. id love to be able to braid, my mum can't braid either :(

  2. I've had a massive headache for almost a week now! Every day i wake up and feel like a humongous pile of crap, no matter if i take paracetamol, ibuprofen or cold/flu sachets: doesn't change. Just hope not to catch swine flu, otherwise i'll have to stay in bed for ages :( Get well soon Stef!

    xx Simonne

  3. get well soon :)

    btw your hair is totally awesome
    and i l<3ve these photos. your expression in the second one is amazing!
    thank you

  4. No worries, you're not the only one who's ill at the moment.. I've caught the 'flu about a week and a half now and I just can't get rid of it! And I need summer as well, I'm getting sick and tired of this cold weather.


  5. yeah, same here: it's ALWAYS grey, cloudy and so so cold.. arghhh really annoying! and wow I really like your hair :) So cool that your mother braids it. oh btw, is your jacket from primark? a friend of mine has the same and I love it so much :)

  6. i really love your hairstyles!!

  7. hope you get well soon stef :)
    here in argentina the sun shines everyday, everywhere!
    take care x

  8. I'm craving for some sunlight too. It's been raining all day here :s
    Can't wait for spring ;-)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. your hair looks wonderful,
    get better soon xo

  10. These pictures are beautiful and your hair looks amazing.
    Get well soon :)