I wish he was my boyfriend.

Hello there! this is an outfit I couldn't actually wear at this time of
the year, well actually I could if I added a coat and layers of tights.
the shirt is from h&m and shorts from camden market, my old sunglasses
and bag from primark, it's a cheap look to be honest. the bow collar I
added myself it's just a ordinary silk ribbon I found inside my sewing box.
The oxfords are from primark too. btw I really want to get cool new shoes.

Today'song: Boyfriend - Best Coast


  1. You could wear it with a blazer as well :) It looks pretty though.

  2. Love the outfit so much!

  3. i'm liking the new header and font you've been using! I always love the outfits you put together because they're all feminine, functional, and look comfortable too. Hope you're having a nice day :)

  4. another lovely outfit,
    very cuteee x

  5. loveee this look! ;)

  6. really like this outfit!!


  7. Lovely pics ! I like your outfit :)
    I want to go to London again !!! haha


  8. Love your sunglasses, and the black ribbon is the perfect finishing touch x

  9. Love the photography on this site, and this is a cool outfit. I'm going to throw together a man version then sit in a cafe looking whimsical.

    d x

  10. I'm listening this song right now! hahaha
    Lovely outfit, I love the bow that you added:)


  11. love your blouse! and that bow collar is the perfect touch!

  12. I've been meaning to get a pair of shoes like those in the photo. They're so cute! Great outfit :)

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