It is summer and it feels strange not having to wear a jacket. Honestly I feel kinda naked wearing a top and shorts or only a dress. But of course it is nice.I also feel very tired and lazy when its too hot I also feel less hungry and a lot thirstier.I guess these photos represents a bit of my laziness these days. The skirt is from h&m, and there's my anklet. I actually have that ankle bracelet for four years. Four years ago in Brazil I spent my holiday in the beach with a friend and each of us got a similar anklet and since then we never took it out. To be honest it is not the prettiest anklet out there. I was even in a search of a new one .But it has been with me for such a long time that I feel sad about replacing it. My friend still keep hers as well. I guess it also brings me some good memories...


  1. you speak (or write) out my words. But in Germany we still have to wear a jacket at the time.. weird. Lovely Photos!

  2. I always love your photos!:)
    and summer..i love it, even naked feeligs:D

  3. anklet and the whole idea about it is sooo nice;)=) and i just love your romantic photos! =)

  4. I love your photography - everything seems so dreamy and that kind of reflects that lazy summer-y feeling. I totally feel the same way when it's hot - I end up just wanting to lie in bed reading with the fan on hahaha.

    1. Thank you :)

      hah theres nothing better than that. x

  5. Your blog is gorgeous, and so are you! You remind me of Mary Elizabeth Winstead : )

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