Hi there! First of all thank you for all the motivating comments, I'm feeling a bit better in terms of motivation and enthusiasm, Although I don't feel inspired, I took some pictures that I thought I could maybe share them with you. Today was cloudy again but I'm trying to feel a bit optimist about it and maybe a bit sarcastic or ironic. Today when the cold wind touched my face I said 'what a lovely breeze'.

Outfit: Dress + hat from h&m, bag primark!


  1. i love your hat!

    in terms of the inspiration thing... i always look here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/suzypuzz/sets/72157614163494364/
    it might not be kind of your style, but there are so many great ideas there that you can make your own :)

  2. oh wow
    i'm reading your blog since...always! and we really have the same clothes (and same hair). it's amazing!
    are you my twin??

    lots of love <3

  3. stefany, it sucks that you feel that, its terrible, i know how that feels, I am a designer, and I dont know if this helps, but I think you should take a break, try to do something different than the things you usually do, idk visit new places, parks, musuems, do a small trip, do a cake, watch new films, talk to new people, have a tea party, rest, stay away from the computer, idk, I hope this helps, because I think you are really talented and I would love to see more pictures, I hope I could take pictures as good as you do! but anyway, hope you feel better and inspired soon.

  4. echt richtig schönes outfit! auch wenn ich wohl andere schuhe dazu angezogen hätte.
    ich will den hut haben, haha.

  5. cloudy or not it's closer and closer to spring, so everyone should get optimistic (I've go -15C and it shouldn't be so cold in this time of year in Poland). :)

    BTW, nice dress :)

  6. amazing pics!"!!

    xoxo from rome

  7. And i fell in love with those amazing photos, the hat is stunning!

  8. Lovely outfit! :-)
    Haha, loving your enthusiasm, xx

  9. These are lovely photos - I think you're more inspired than you think :) Good luck getting back on track
    It would be mine

  10. you're very pretty and I have to say that whether you don't feel inspired, you inspire me.
    lovely outfit !

  11. U're soooo talented - and i really mean it!
    U inspire so many people,
    people from poland are 'in love with u',
    the ones from germany and many others! And i'm polish living in germany & crazy about ur style and photographs.
    As i've already red in the comments - u're more
    talented than u think - REALLY! :)

  12. wowowowow this is so adorable! i love your dress and the hole outfit =) looks really awesome. i would like to see a lot of more photos =)=)

  13. nice pictures and a very nice song!

  14. amazing outfit! I like it! I follow you now!