I had a really bad day this week, it was the awful strangely called 'Wednesday' so I wrote something on my mobile notes while I was in hell I mean on the bus. reading it now sounds kinda funny.

I hate today.
I have the fact that I lost my oyster card, I hate having to pay for a single journey ticket, I hate standing in this crowded bus, I hate people saying 'excuse me' to come trough when there's no even space to breathe, I hate people voices, I hate slow people, I hate PMS and being angry and emotive at the same time, I hate this weather, I hate my coat, I hate listening to the bus recorded voice saying ' Please move down inside the bus' I hate people staring at me, I hate myself today.

Today'song: What Katie Did - The Libertines


  1. I hate days like these. I go back into my diary some days and just read over past entries where I'm absolutely fuming. It's funny and depressing at the same time.. Funny because I realize most of the time I sound ridiculous and depressing because I realize I get angry/upset/frustrated a lot. :( Hope you're in a better mood now. And, if not, watch a musical:) It always makes me feel better (lol). I recommend "South Pacific" or "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". I know how much you like you watch movies and post them here. Have a better day!

  2. you are such a beauty.
    I love your photos and your 'poem' is sooooooo great.
    and i really like your philtrum (don't worry - i didn't know the term either)

    thank you

  3. I know exactly how you feel, and lately all my days seem to turn into bad days.

  4. I love these pictures so much.

  5. "I hate my coat" snap. Love the first picture.

  6. Well I hope you don't hate yourself any more these days :) if you still do I'll give you some optimism, love, and a latte xxox