I have been quite sensitive to smells lately which is pretty weird once I am not and, usually never smell things before they have burnt or something like that. I step out in the street and each step I take I can smell something different. Sadly, no matter how much of perfume I wear I can never smell it on me. Perhaps, it wears off easily.But, I sit on the bus and inevitably think.. Whenever there is a bad smell in the air; it simply ruins everything. The way you see people… Can’t respect anyone, no matter how smart, how beautiful. A bad smell will definitely ruin any bit of romanticism. It reminds you that we can’t take ourselves seriously. Ever. I picture Dostoevsky frowning to the odor and, idealism dying right there in front of the beautiful and elevated…couple,whose ‘i love you’ was garroted by a fart stench.


  1. hahha! poor couple...
    I'm quite sensitive to smells, too. Always been, I guess. I can't stand some parfums, to the point of not being able to talk to someone whose fragrance repuls me!
    By the way, in case you didn't see it on Instagram, yesterday I sent you a letter on the mail! Let's hope it arrives soon.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    PS: Could I share that pic of the book on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/showmeyourbooksdevix? with proper credits and everything. Even a link to this post/blog :)

  2. Has the weather changed recently? There's a certain temperature and humidity level that makes it easier to pick up scent. I've noticed it, too. Everyone smells of perfume and the air smells like flowers. It's more difficult to pick up scent on yourself because your nose adjusts to fragrance within a certain time frame to allow the scent to stop imposing on you as you go about your day.

  3. your work is lovely! well done xx

  4. Brilhante! Eu sempre fui demasiado sensível aos odores e fragrâncias que povoam o meu dia-a-dia. Pode ser incomodativo mas também bastante Sherlock-esque ;) adorei os cactos!\