So here as a list of my favorite films, songs and books I will probably forget some that I really like but as I remember I will add it. In the mean time here are the ones that I can remember at the moment.

Favourite Films
Flipped, My Girl, An American Crime, Girl Interrupted, Riding in cars with boys, The Little Princess, Dirty Dancing, The Triangle, All Boys Love Mandy Lane, Speak, Grease, 500 days of summer, White Oleander, The Secret Garden, Blue Valentine, Love Actually, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, The Dreamers, Life is Beautiful, The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the wind.

Favourite Music
Camera Obscura, Belle & Sebastian, Francoise Hardy, The Chiffons, Neil Sedaka, Beirut, Little Joy, The Libertines, Connie Francis, Sue Thompson, She & Him, God Help The Girl, Best Coast, First Aid Kit, Dodie Stevens, The Ronettes, Sha Na Na, Creedence, Bread, Herman's Hermits, Manfred Mann, Merrilee Rush, Annette Funicello, The Firebirds, Boney M, Curtis Lee, The Shangri- Las, The Crystals, Simon & Garfunkel, Billie the Vision & The Dancers, Petula Clark, Brigitte Bardot, Juanes, Russian Red.

Favourite Books
Wait until Spring Bandini - John Fante. Ask the Dust - John Fante. Pulp - Bukowski. Hollywood - Bukowski. Tales of Ordinary Madness - Bukowski. Post Office - Bukowski. What we talk about when we talk about love - Raymond Carver. The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath. Johnny and the bible of dreams - Sylvia Plath. Ham on Rye - Bukowski. Kafka on the Shore - Murakami. Before I die - Jenny Downham, Memories of Midnight - Sidney Sheldon, Misery - Stephen King, Death Message - Mark Billingham, Dreamer - Peter James, Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold, Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon.


  1. Prode and Prejudice is the best :D

  2. have you ever watched "before sunrise" with ethan hawke and julie delpy?? i bet you'll love it! :)

  3. An american crime and grease are 2 of my favorite movies aswell!
    Stephen King is one of my favorite authors!
    Thanks for all the great tips!


  4. billie the vision is great. going to see them at a festival this summer, litterally can't wait.

    i haven't read misery just seen the film.

  5. have you watched "before sunrise" with ethan hawke and julie delpy? i bet you'll love it!! :)

  6. Your books contradict your films! Films are classically romantic ones, the books depressing. Ha
    It would be mine

  7. we like a lot of the same films and musicians!
    little joy! :)

  8. have you ever read the book speak?

    its what the movie is based off of.

    its a really quick read. but its amazing.

  9. I loooove 500 days of summer! my favorite movie! and lovely bones is my favorite book :)
    xx Alice

  10. Oh my gosh we love all the same movies. That is crazy weird. And I love how you draw because it's so different and cool. It looks so easy and practiced, but I bet it's really very hard. Oh, and the Secret Garden is my all time favorite movie haha :)