Christmas cards.

Topshop necklace.

Lovely weather :(

sweeeeeeet darling.

Sometimes I wonder if my heart could stop beating all of the sudden, the same thought keeps comming when I am on an airplane. I always think that the engine of the aircraft could suddenly stop working, because it's been working non stop and things always come to an end. I dont really like having these thoughts. Sometimes I also have issues about breathing, it's like my brain comands it, I always think that I will not breathe if my minds tells me not to and then I get shortness of breath. it is so weird haha.


  1. the photos you take are beautiful, the necklace looks very pretty and i also have a rack for clothes, i prefer that to a wardrobe- again a lovely photo :)x

  2. I love your blog! I used to follow it once in a while before but now I check it every single day!! I love your photos and the way you write! Please don´t stop blogging or "tumblring"!! Happy New Year!!

  3. Gorgeous photos!
    I tend to have those thoughts too. I'm a thinker, I overthink things a bit too much though... :)

  4. beautiful post, your kitty is adorable.
    i love your blog, you are incredibly inspiring xo